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Thank you to everyone who attended the IEEE SENSORS 2019 Conference.
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Thank you to our IEEE SENSORS 2019 Keynote Speakers for contributing to a successful week!

Prof. Dr. Christofer Hierold

ETH Zürich

Prof. Ying Zhang

Georgia Institute of Technology

Prof. Veena Misra

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, North Carolina State University, USA; Director, National Science Foundation Nanosystems Engineering Research Center on Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors & Technologies (ASSIST); IEEE Fellow

Congratulations to our Best Poster Paper, Best Student Paper and Best Live Demonstration Winners



1st Place Student Paper Award

"Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds Using a Single Transistor Terahertz Detector Implemented in Standard BiCMOS Technology"
Muhammad Waleed Mansha, Kefei Wu, Tim Rice, Matthew Oehlschlaeger, Mona Hella, Ingrid Wilke

2nd Place Student Paper Award

"Flexible Sweat Sensors for Non-Invasive Optimization of Lithium Dose in Psychiatric Disorders"

Francesca Criscuolo, Filippo Cantù, Irene Taurino, Sandro Carrara, Giovanni De Micheli

3rd Place Student Paper Award

"ppb Sensing Level Hydrogen Sulphide at Room Temperature Using Indium Oxide Gas Sensors"

Ahmad Al Shboul, Andy Shih, Mimoun Oukachmih, Ricardo Izquierdo

1st Place Best Poster Award

"Light Interaction with AlN-Based SAW Device Fabricated on Flexible and Silicon Substrate"

Leonardo Lamanna, Francesco Rizzi, Massimo De Vittorio, Venkat R. Bhethanabotla

2nd Place Best Poster Award

"MEMS High Temperature Gradient Sensor for Skin-Friction Measurements in Highly Turbulent Flows"

Cécile Ghouila-Houri, Abdelkrim Talbi, Romain Viard, Quentin Gallas, Eric Garnier, Pascal Molton, Jérôme Delva, Alain Merlen, Philippe Pernod

3rd Place Best Poster Award

"Biomimetic Nanostructure Fabrication to Increase Light Transmission Efficiency in Optoelectronic Devices"

Peter Sotory, Alper Bozkurt

1st Place Live Demonstration Award

"Live Demonstration of eRTIS, an Embedded Real-Time Imaging Sonar Sensor"

Robin Kerstens, Girmi Schouten, Wouter Jansen, Dennis Laurijssen, Jan Steckel